Color is Everywhere: Stratos by Hastings Tile & Bath

Hastings Tile & Bath promotes color in the bathroom with Stratos Vanities, available in 35 matte or glossy colors. With everything from warm neutrals to bold hues, Stratos adds subtle or daring color to the bathroom. Opt for a four-drawer vanity with drawers in different colors or choose a single color—whether it’s citrine or fuchsia. Integrated countertops come in matte white, grigio (cement-colored) or cappuccino, as well as glossy blues and whites. The color combinations allow for ultimate customization. Stratos vanities allow for design flexibility in terms of size too, with sizes ranging from compact to extra large (up to 86” in length). For baths with small footprints or ones with large spaces, Stratos simply fits. Get more information at Hastings Tile & Bath.
Posted August 24, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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