The Kepler Luminaire by Innermost

Innermost’s Kepler luminaire is an innovative, ultra-thin light made of polycarbonate, steel, and micro-weave fabric.

Named for Johannes Kepler, the German scientist who discovered the Supernova, Kepler definitely has a space-age, ethereal quality.

Its thin silhouette and carefully placed pattern of stealthy LEDs make it appear like a lunar or extra-stellar body, as it seems to defy gravity while radiating light in all directions.

Released this spring, Kepler participated in last month’s Darc Night festival, where it made the short list of judges’ preferred products in the ceiling category.

Innermost offers two iterations: Kepler 65 at 29” D x 28” H and Kepler 95 at 39” D x 38” H. The light features a 13 ft. PVC Cable and an optional five ft. rod for fixed mounting. It is Triac/Lutron dimmable.

See Innermost for more information.

Posted July 13, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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