New Single-Hole Faucets by Franz Viegener

Luxury bathroom faucet manufacturer Franz Viegener is offering two new single-hole versions of Lollipop and Nerea, both featuring a seamlessly integrated tilting handle. Available with or without diamond knurling details, Lollipop displays precision engineering in its handle mechanism, which is easy to grip and ADA-compliant. Turning the handle on and off becomes a sensual, tactile experience, especially with the textured lever. The cylindrical base of Lollipop complements the linear spout in a beautiful display of geometric juxtaposition. The new version of Nerea—a name derived from Greek meaning “to flow, to swim, to navigate”—has a six-inch spout reach and a knurled no-notch-back tilting handle. The elegant spout features sinuous curves. Both introductions are constructed of solid brass. The new single-hole faucets come in a variety of finishes, including modern matte black chrome and opulent rose gold, polished gold, and brushed gold. For more information, visit Franz Viegener.
Posted July 5, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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