JSI’s Inspired Indie Collection

Shown last month in JSI’s bountiful NeoCon showroom, Indie is a workspace furniture collection that definitely puts the res. in residential.

Comprised of lounge-style seating, tables, freestanding privacy screens, lighting, and accessories, Indie is equally at home in one’s home or any office setting. And with the way the lines between the two are being blurred, Indie certainly fills this burgeoning niche.

The chairs are spacious and comfy, yet no-nonsense enough to pass as work-appropriate. Upholstery options include fabric and leather; bases are available as high or low legs and rocker styles.

The tables are equally clever and adaptable, displaying the light touch of many varieties of wood veneer, Tops come in rectangle, circle, and an innovative triangular form with rounded-off edges.

Privacy screens are formidable enough to create impromptu sanctums, yet mobile as well—easy to relocate courtesy of a lightweight yet highly functional base support piece.

Integrated power is another option—outlets can be cleverly incorporated within seat frames or bodies.

Read more at JSI.

Posted July 18, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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