Here Comes Disco Gufram

Are the 80s resurrecting whether we want them to or not? Fashion-forward brand Gufram would seem to answer in the affirmative. Their latest line—Disco Gufram—pays homage to the timeless transition between the 70s and 80s with “collections of objects that hark back to the age of the Dance Floor.”

The set piece is the Dance Floor Carpets, polyamide tufted and printed rugs comprised of swirling striated shapes in the Disco colors of orange, pink, purple, and black.

These carpets celebrate a bygone age, while offering a sculptural, textural phantasmagoria that just begs to be underfoot—beholden to dancing feet.

Other items in the series include Betsy, a plush, luxurious sofa that manages to evoke both a Clockwork Orange and the iconic futuresque motif of crinkly, shiny, fluffy foil.

There’s also Jimmy, a “lively unconventional and totally customizable seating system,” that looks as if assembled from spare parts donated by Star Wars’ ubiquitous C-3P0.

Other offerings include Tony, a jaunty grouping of soft spherical low tables/ottomans/seating in a variety of ruched fabrics; and Cabinets and Low Tables by Rotganzen, notable for the Dali-like disco ball casually draped over the side.

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Posted July 23, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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