Connectrac’s Under-Carpet Wireway Powers-Up Airports

Airports across the country are increasingly realizing that travelers expect to be able to plug-in and charge-up while waiting for flights, which raises all sorts of complications. According to Connectrac, manufacturer of innovative solutions for retrofit power/data delivery, “airports are built using concrete, which means bringing power to each gate is difficult without drilling through the floor or taking a jackhammer to it.”

Connectrac’s Under-Carpet Wireway provides an elegant solution. This seamless power delivery system easily installs under carpet via a low-profile track system.

Exit modules are conveniently positioned beneath banks of seats or tables to route power to all locations, creating a virtually invisible solution.

The recent retrofit of the International Terminal at the Pittsburgh Airport provides an illustrative example. Richard Beloit, Vice President of Planning, wanted a solution that would cause minimal disruption during installation. Additionally, it had to be cost-sensitive.

The Connectrac Under-Carpet Wireways “gelled perfectly with the concourse’s primarily concrete foundation,” delivering power and data to all terminal chairs and standing charging locations.

Beloit integrated the new delivery system with Arconas Furniture and Cumberland Seating—maintaining the airport’s contemporary aesthetic while effectively keeping cables out of view.

As more and more airports decide to retrofit, Connectrac’s suite of solutions will be in great demand. Under-carpet installations are relatively pain-free and they’re way more cost-effective than disrupting the foundation: “Connectrac Wireways are the best floor-based cable management solution for bringing power, data, and communications from the wall to all interior applications, saving facility directors and electrical engineers 50 percent or more compared to core drilling or trenching for technology access.”

See Connectrac to find out more.

Posted July 16, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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