The Eco Advantage of Precast Concrete

Whether residential or commercial, foundations or entire buildings, precast concrete building components are a time-saving, cost-saving, eco-conscious solution. Manufacturer Northeast Precast should know. The company designs, builds, and installs precast components for a variety of projects—everything from apartments, houses, and schools to warehouses, parking garages, highways/bridges, and any kind of commercial building. Modular components include insulated wall panels and floor planks, foundation systems, columns, beams, structural trusses, and stairs/ancillary items. Specifiers of precast modular components realize a spectrum of gains: Northeast Precast provides all the equipment (including a fleet of overhead cranes) and personnel for rapid, precise installation; wall systems and floor planks are pre-insulated for energy savings; and wire chase holes are specified in advance to make it easy to run gas, electrical, and sewer lines. Products may also be customized to consumer requests: “You can ensure watertightness or resistance to buoyancy; create a desired look; or achieve complex customizations in nearly any shape, size, color or finish… with precast, you are limited only by your imagination.” See Northeast Precast to read more.
Posted June 29, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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