At NeoCon 2018: Visual Code By Interface

Visual Code by Interface combines “glitch graphics and technicolor circuitry with simple textures.” The line of 10 styles offers subtle and bold patterns in neutral and saturated colors. Daring options include Static Lines, Hard Drive, and Circuit Board. Circuit Board, which features kinetic lines, comes in exciting colors like Magenta, Red, Purple, Teal, and Yellow. Static Lines and Hard Drive are available in modern neutrals including Pewter and Lead. Designed by David Oakey, Visual Code carpets vary from flat to plush to shag, all lengths in 25cm x 1m Skinny Planks™. Core textures include Plain Stitch, Stitchery, and Stitch Count. Lastly, the black and white patterns—Darning, Haptic, Overedge, and Decibel—bring in contrast and mimic TV “snow.” As with all Interface carpets, Visual Code is carbon neutral through its entire life cycle. See it at NeoCon or get more information by visiting Interface.
Posted June 15, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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