At NeoCon 2018: Tarkett’s Clever Twist on Modular Carpet

Congratulations to Tarkett and partners Tandus Centiva and Johnsonite for NeoCon Gold recognitions for three separate flooring products: Garden Walk, Velvet Fringe, and Pentagonals. Excellent products all, but the one that most caught my eye flew just under the radar: the lovely, versatile, and sustainable Tailored Twist Collection. As presented by Terry Mowers, Tarkett’s VP of Commercial Design, Tailored Twist responds to the demand for a “marquee” outfitting of contract spaces—that is to say, the initial presenting area (lobby, foyer, what have you) should make a grand statement, while the less-trafficked, more utilitarian spaces should be more restrained. TT accomplishes this via a modular strategy that allows more or less colorful highlights depending on cost concerns and the desired effect on users. The collection features base patterns and edge embellishments: “Tailored,” a larger-scale print in neutral tones; “Tailored Madras,” a mid-scale plaid with a coordinating palette; “Tailored Plaid," with a tartan pattern along the tile’s edge; and "Tailored Bloom," providing a floral inspiration along the edge of the Tailored tiles. The result is a huge palette of design options—comprehensive personalization with 162 possible combinations. Like all of Tarkett’s offerings, Tailored Twist possesses impressive environmental credentials: Tiles are crafted with a thread-up technique using solution-dyed yarns, requiring substantially less water than with traditional space dyeing. Backing is Tarkett’s proprietary Cradle-to-Cradle Silver ethos Modular with Omnicoat Technology, a product that re-purposes 100% post-consumer PVB film from recycled automotive windshields and other safety glass. And installation is a snap with Tarkett’s Tarkett TAPE, a durable, user-friendly product that allows users to remove and replace individual tiles in seconds. In view of its attributes, the “Tailored” in the name has manifold meanings. This is a product that’s specifically geared to consumer demand in the competitive contract market. Tailored Twist offers a customizable solution that’s beautiful, durable, and versatile while keeping cost concerns in mind. All of this with a compelling aesthetic that recalls the art of hand-stitching: Says Mowers, “With Tailored Twist, we looked to the intricate stitching of a hand-tailored suit, that careful detailing that makes high fashion so special, and translated it into a modular carpet to create an intentional, tailored space” See Tarkett for more info.
Posted June 22, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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