At NeoCon 2018: Sulli by AIS

Sulli by AIS has caught the eye of many at NeoCon, partially because it’s really fun. It’s a bold seat with a great secret.

A colorful stool with “inner intelligence,” Sulli moves up and down. Users change the height by pulling on a side strap. It’s a brilliant idea for offices and educational settings, since it’s portable and adjustable. Watch it in action in this AIS Sulli video.

The stool/seat is also flexible. The material gives when you push on it—another fun detail sure to please kids and adults alike.

Available in six colors, Sulli looks like a gumdrop in its shortest position. At its tallest, Sulli resembles a tree trunk or vase with concave sides.

See it at NeoCon or visit

Posted June 13, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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