At NeoCon 2018: Farel by Luceplan

Continuing Luceplan’s focus on sound-absorbing performance in concert “with great Italian design,” Farel by Diego Sferrazza features a dome structure with thermoformed material.

Farel’s outer fabric cladding—available in Light Grey, Dark Grey, Rust, and Aquamarine—complements the dark or light internal felt inside the geometric shade.

The internal ribs of the outer fabric “create a delicate chiaroscuro effect,” explains Luceplan. Metal rings at the top and bottom diameter of the dome can be fastened and changed by users for “complete customizing.”

With metal details in black, brass, or aluminum, Farel can look sleek and masculine, light and neutral, or anything in between. The Aquamarine exterior with aluminum rings is elegant, and the Dark Grey with gold accents is dashing—perfect for dark libraries and sleek dining rooms.

See Farel at NeoCon 2018 on the 7th Floor at Booth 3014, or get more information at

Posted June 8, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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