At NeoCon 2018: Emeco’s 1 Inch Reclaimed

If you were at NeoCon this week you had to have seen the attractive smattering of Emeco chairs located in the first floor center pass-thru. True to form and lineage (the original Emeco 1 Inch is perhaps the first iteration of a truly re-sourced chair), Emeco’s most recent offering is sustainable—made of reclaimed materials using eco-wise manufacturing protocol. Departing from the original design of reclaimed aluminum, the new 1 Inch is made of recycled wood-polypropylene: 90% industrial waste material consisting of 75% waste polypropylene and 15% waste wood fiber. And again true to form, the new chair is light and bright. One could lift it with a pinky finger. It’s also stackable. The vibrant color palette includes blue, bordeaux, sand, brown, dark grey, green, light grey, and ochre red. In sum, Emeco put together a nifty display highlighting their products’ best attributes. These are smart, sustainable, multi-use chairs with classic aesthetics and reasonable price points: “useful and durable, engineered to meet the demands of high-use environments, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.” See Emeco to read more.
Posted June 15, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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