Zaha Collection by Tabarka Studio

Terracotta is getting modernized with unique takes on the material. Zaha Collection by Tabarka Studio, for instance, gives terracotta new life with geometric patterns and unexpected colors. Handcrafted from a special mixture of clays and adhesives, Zaha tiles are easy to install and resistant to floor traffic. Small imperfections “add character to the rustic nature of the tile.” Suitable for floors and vertical surfaces, Zaha tiles are specifically designed for residential use. The Zaha Collection is inspired by the hexagon: “Nature’s perfect shape becomes the ideal frame,” explains Tabarka Studio. The geometry of the hexagon also gets split and fractured into other alluring forms, including triangles, diamonds, and stars. Zaha 1 presents a vibrant starburst pattern. With Zaha 6, the hexagonal tile presents a 3D cube. Other motifs include chic rhombuses and many-pointed stars. In colors from charcoal and royal blue to pinot and paprika, the Zaha Collection reinterprets terracotta altogether. For more information, visit
Posted May 2, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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