Utopian Fairy Tales Broadloom by Moooi Carpets

Created by Noortje van Eeklen, someone who likes to apply theory and narrative to the design process, Utopian Fairy Tales Broadloom does indeed tell a fabulous story.

Part of the Moooi Carpets Collection, Utopian Fairy Tales Broadloom comes in six dreamy palettes: Strong, Fancy, Ice, Joy, Royal, and Power. Whatever the color, the carpet places a fantasy underfoot, replete with flowers and fractals, coconuts and crowns.

The iconography of modern life is integrated in the pattern as well. There are thumbs up and open envelopes, as well as golden padlocks and flying file folders. A disco ball peeks from inside.

Utopian Fairy Tales will inspire visitors in creative hospitality settings (it is not for the stodgy or conservative). The idea behind this design is to captivate the imagination: “Dreams that seem unreachable,” explains Moooi, “should be celebrated, endorsed and encouraged.”

For more information on the charming Signature Carpets collection, visit www.moooicarpets.com.

Posted May 7, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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