New Looks for Arper’s Nuur Table

Simon Pengelly’s Nuur Table is approaching its tenth anniversary, but it’s sleek silhouette and cable ready design is every bit as relevant today as when it debuted. Manufacturer Arper describes it as “an archetypal table: a single, spare plane floats above four slender legs.” Indeed, Nuur is long on negative space, which is just the ticket in open work plans, as the table conveys the feeling of spaciousness. Nuur comes in two iterations: a dining-height table that can be used in conference rooms as well as hospitality venues, and Nuur Office, a desk style with rectangular top and removable grommets for easy cabling. Pengelly’s piece has been updated for 2018—Arper now offers Nuur with varied materials and enhanced colorways: a polished or painted aluminum structure and colored laminate or wood veneer tops in black, white, red, pink, or grey. See Arper for further information.
Posted May 11, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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