Lapitec’s Sintered Stone

Lapitec’s sintered stone is an innovative new material that’s appropriate for a variety of surface applications. For surfacing versatility, sintered stone shines because it essentially mimics the organic process of igneous mineral formation—natural compounds are heated together under high pressure to create a thick, uniform, smooth, non-porous material that is literally as hard as a rock. Originally developed for wall cladding (the product comes in oversize slabs that make it ideal for this application), sintered stone works equally well for kitchen and bath surfaces, interior cladding, outdoor paving/frost-resistant flooring, and swimming pool cladding. Lapitec’s line encompasses smooth and rough texture finishes, as well as solids and patterned designs—in as many colors as one can pull from the ground. Additionally, Lapitec’s sintered stone creates the company’s “Bio-Care Technology” by-product. During manufacture, titanium dioxide is produced. This natural catalyst degrades organic matter through oxidation. The result is an inherent washing effect that removes polluting particles from the surface, “allowing us to define the surfaces of the Lapitec Bio-Care line as self-cleaning.” Lapitec’s sintered stone surfaces are stain-, scratch-, heat-, and frost-resistant. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and any application where a large, thick uniform surface is desired. See Lapitec to find out more.
Posted May 7, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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