Fempower Collection by Flavor Paper

The Fempower Collection by Flavor Papor is “created exclusively by women in celebration of women.” The wallpapers include Sparklepuss, About Face, Ladies, Placebo Effect, and Power, My Dear.

Certain to be a favorite of every little girl (and their mothers, no doubt), Sparklepuss fetaures gargantuan gems printed on chrome Mylar. Created by Ashley Longshore, the only female artist to decorate all of the Bergdorf windows, Sparklepuss gets its power from its shine and scale—sometimes more is more!

Shyama Golden’s About Face “investigates concepts and representations of femininity” via handheld mirrors. Reflective mirrors get an added dash of realism on chrome Mylar.

A subtle pattern with great detail, Placebo Effect by Tamara Staples deserves a second look. Its texture comes from pills fitted into a complex pattern.

The lighthearted Ladies brings some humor to the Fempower Collection with its playful pastel watercolors of naked ladies by Katie Stout.

Power, My Dear by Natalie Gwen Frank is based on chalk pastel and gouache artwork representing “women who dance, paint, walk their jaguar, read, put on gloves and dress up in expressions of their sexuality and power.”

For more information, visit www.flavorpaper.com.

Posted May 16, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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