Buckle by Tina Leung for Innermost

A reliable purveyor of innovative illumination, Innermost is at it again with Tina Leung’s Buckle Chandelier. Comprised of an integrated LED and surrounding swirl of mirror-polished stainless steel with a white powder coat, Buckle is intriguing and illusory. Unlike traditional luminaires and chandeliers, the light is reflected neither up nor down but every which way, courtesy of the shade’s mirrored surface. The result is an unusually beautiful optics—every contour of the chandelier seems to be illuminated from within. Innermost offers Buckle in two sizes: 27.5” H with 27.5” Diameter, and 47.2” H with 47.2” Diameter. The large scale of the latter renders it ideal for high-ceilinged locales like Dubai’s Gaucho Restaurant, while the former is quite versatile, at home in intimate spaces like personal residences as well as smaller scale hospitality venues. “The feeling it creates has often been likened to light bouncing off water… interesting reflections and highlights for a dramatic contrast and a great feature for any space.” Contact Innermost for additional information.
Posted May 10, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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