At ICFF 2018: Voronoi by Tala

British lighting brand Tala, known for making LED bulbs with LED filament structures, introduced Voronoi at this year’s ICFF. The Voronoi Collection was inspired by “the unique geometric Voronoi patterns seen amongst forest canopy arrangements.”

The perfectly misshapen blown-glass form of Voronoi elevates the object from a bulb to a design in its own right. Tala’s goal was to create “the world’s largest sculptural bulb”—and this process yielded Voronoi I, Voronoi II, and finally Voronoi III.

Any of these sizes can be capped in brass or finished in wood, fashioned into dynamic suspension and table lamps. While they are beautiful on their own, Voronoi can be hung in clusters to great effect, as is the case with the nine-bulb brass chandelier.

Like all Tala bulbs, Voronoi last for 10 years or more, using 90% less energy than a standard bulb. But the benefits don’t stop there: “When you invest in a Tala bulb, you’re investing in the Earth’s future”—because every 200 bulbs sold equals ten trees planted by Tala’s reforestation program. Tala is already behind 18,000 trees planted in the US and the UK.

For those looking for simpler bulbs, Tala offers a Feature Collection, with clear glass and visible filaments, and a Porcelain Collection, with opaque white glass in organic shapes.

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Posted May 25, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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