XtraLight’s Very Versatile SAS LED

The SAS LED from XtraLight is a sleek solution to challenging lighting situations in workspace, retail, education, or hospitality venues.

Short for “Slim Architectural Slip,” SAS is designed to integrate into existing construction. Its diminutive profile (2.6” high) and easy installation (no visible mounting hardware), helps it blend in easily—users will feel like it’s always been there to provide pleasant, consistent illumination.

XtraLight offers several options to maintain aesthetic consistency with room design: continuous row or individual units; finish in matte white, matte black, or silver; and varied intensity of illumination—from 1,500L (nine Watts) all the way up to 14,000L (106 Watts).

Other features include the energy-saving perk of low operating temps. (max. 95 Fahrenheit), emergency battery back-up, and triple wave or brushed metal diffusing lenses.

SAS may be flush- or pendant-mounted. See XtraLight to explore SAS and a vast variety of architectural lighting solutions.

Posted April 5, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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