Unika Vaev’s Ecoustic Line of Felt-Faced Panels

In search of an acoustic panel solution to control ambient noise? Look no further than Unika Vaev’s innovative Ecoustic collection. These felt-backed panels provide an attractive and functional approach to sound damping.

The panels consist of polyester felt fabric adhered to different thicknesses of PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) acoustic core. The collection is available in 22 colorways—the entire spectrum of the rainbow from a sedate snowy white to a placid cerulean to a vibrant fire red.

Ecoustic panels come in multiple forms and various iterations. Basic panels are available in four thicknesses that can be cut and custom fit on site for multiple applications.

Additionally, the panels can do double duty as cubicle partitions; the felt covers both sides of the visible panel for a pleasing aesthetic.

Unika Vaev also offers oversized screen panels in unique configurations as well as printed panels with intriguing geometric designs.

Ecoustic Curve is the most recent addition to the line. These serpenting shapes can be specially fitted to cover corners and high ceilings.

All panels and screens may be finished with Unika Vaev’s attractive aluminum edging profile—providing a streamlined look to complement modern workspace and hospitality venues.

For additional information, see Unika Vaev.

Posted April 25, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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