Dottie by Tonik

The mascot of Tonik, Dottie is “the ideal conversation piece anywhere you find modern hospitality furniture.” Made in America—“but out of this world”—Dottie is the playful design of the inimitable Karim Rashid, lover of all things bulbous. And Dottie too offers bubbly, futuristic roundness. A cute and colorful object and bench, especially suitable for kids, Dottie the sheep is an indoor-outdoor piece constructed of rotationally molded, high-impact, light-stabilizing commercial-grade polyethylene. This makes Dottie resistant to bleach, salt, and chlorine, as well as UV rays. She will keep her form and her color indoors and out, making her an ideal candidate for hip hotels and entertainment facilities. Get more information on the world-traveling sheep at
Posted April 10, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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