Copenhagen Sofa from Industry West

The excellent Copenhagen Sofa from Industry West recalls fine Scandinavian design from the hey-day of the Modern era.

With its simplified construction, unadorned materials, and fine craftsmanship, Copenhagen is a true homage to the pioneers of Danish design—Wegner, Jacobsen, and Risom come to mind.

Yet the piece also represents an updated ethos and sensibility. Copenhagen is made of reclaimed teak in an exacting process that respects the integrity of the material while re-shaping it into something new with its own distinctive identity.

And Teak is an ideal accompaniment to the high-quality leather. The unique golden hue of the wood pairs beautifully with each of the five available colors: Tan Cognac, Mustard, Tangerine, Deep Blue, and Safari Grey.

The Copenhagen Sofa is a worthy addition to any hospitality environment. Specifiers may also choose to surround it with the equally alluring Copenhagen Lounge Chair.

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Posted April 30, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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