At Salone del Mobile 2018: ecoBirdy’s Chair Charlie

If you’re perpetually cutting up your plastic soda can rings into little pieces so as not to injure sea-life, then your interest will definitely be piqued by ecoBirdy’s Chair Charlie, which showed last week at Salone del Mobile. This piece goes beyond the small gesture mentioned above by concocting an entire line of children’s furniture out of salvaged ocean plastic, thus doing the double duty of reducing the risk to wildlife and reclaiming a resource to create a cool, functional chair. Chair Charlie is made of ecoBirdy’s proprietary “ecothylene”—a product that differentiates the recycled plastic by color, giving Chair Charlie (along with the company’s dozens of other products), its distinctive speckled yet uniform aesthetic. To wit, who knew that there were five intriguing color palettes to be found within the sea of plastic? Chair Charlie demonstrates as much, with off-white, ocean, sky, strawberry, and vanilla. And ecoBirdy goes even further in the pursuit of ecological justice: the company is dedicated to educating the young generation about pollution, recycling, and wise resource use, offering a story book about plastic recycling as well as interactive school programs inviting kids to participate in recycling unused and retired plastic toys. To find our more about Chair Charlie and the entire ecoBirdy line, see ecoBirdy.
Posted April 26, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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