At Salone del Mobile 2018: Axel Schmid’s Koyoo Table Lamp for Ingo Maurer

From designer Axel Schmid and manufacturer Ingo Maurer comes the clever Koyoo Lamp, an innovative use of LEDs that’s right at home in the cutting-edge environs of Salone del Mobile. Koyoo eliminates the issue of harsh glare—a common problem with the relatively young technology of LEDs—by placing the light source well below eye level. This choice effectively re-locates the source of the illumination to the paper disc perched above--“illuminating the circle perfectly to make a very pleasant, relaxing light for beautiful moments.” Koyoo is comprised of a small, powerful LED light integrated within the lamp’s foot and a simple wire haloed with a paper disc. The eminently portable piece features a 3000 mAh LiPo battery with a USB Type C cable and charging device. An additional perk--Ingo Maurer provides three paper circles in different colors. Users may also change the character of the illumination by using self-selected reflecting materials, such as decorative leafs or colored foil. See Koyoo this week at Salone del Mobile and check out Ingo Maurer for additional information.
Posted April 19, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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