Unique Educational Seating: Judson Beaumont’s Hollow Chair

From the creative environs of Vancouver, BC, artist/designer Judson Beaumont creates wacky, wonderful, whimsical furniture and art.

Straight Line Designs Inc. is the atelier from whence his innovative inspiration flows, birthing all manner of “delightful insanity… furniture as whimsical companions, artistic pieces that provoke laughter and astonishment, rooms that are a child’s dream realm.”

The Hollow Chair is a stellar example of Beaumont’s unique brand of imaginative fabrication—a comfy upholstered piece with a uniquely contoured storage space set beneath.

The Hollow Chair is appropriate for those both large and small, though it holds special appeal as the centerpiece in a classroom or children’s library.

Read more about Judson Beaumont and Straight Line Designs Inc. here.

Posted March 26, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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