Tangram by Ceramica Bardelli

Designed by Atelier for Ceramica Bardelli and available through Hastings Tile and Bath, Tangram is a geometric tile with “intricate diagonals.” Based on the Chinese tangram, a dissection puzzle of seven pieces that should not overlap, Tangram tile is a much easier proposition, since the random shapes are mixed and matched for you—to great effect. Available in four color groups, Tangram tiles are made of white glazed stoneware with a matte finish. Intended for wall and floor surfaces, Tangram offers dramatic slashes and mixing without ever becoming a dizzy composition. The effect of Tangram is one of ordered chaos, with beautiful shapes within shapes—everything from parallelograms to triangles—adding a sense of depth to any space. For more information, visit www.ceramicabardelli.com.
Posted March 14, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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