Sustainable Materials Presents the Versacork Mosaic

The Versacork Mosaic from Sustainable Materials opens up new solutions for surfacing challenges.

Made from the readily available resource of used wine corks (the more you drink, the more you’re helping to save the planet!), Versacork is completely natural, warm and welcoming to the touch, sound-dampening, and impressively durable.

The material also has good water repellency, effectively making it waterproof and thus suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Sustainable Materials offers the Versacork Mosaic in pre-finished and un-finished options. The former is eminently convenient, while the latter opens up aesthetic options for creative users.

The product is also easy to manipulate. It can be precision cut for custom applications like bar tops and fronts, kitchen counters, and wine cellars.

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Posted March 27, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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