Special Feature: A Look at Commercial Hardwood Flooring

For sheer wow factor, nothing beats a broad expanse of glimmering natural wood. Especially in commercial spaces, where the real estate underfoot can seemingly go on for miles, a beautiful hardwood floor can take the breath away, quite literally grounding us to its natural, organic feel, to the way it captures the light and imparts a sense of stillness and calm. This isn’t to say hardwoods aren’t dynamic. Danish brand Junckers, for instance, offers a huge variety of hardwoods—any number of which will enliven and energize any commercial space. The company offers Oak, Black Oak, Beech, Ash, and Maple species in Two-Strip, Plank, Herringbone, and HexParket styles. Finishing options include clear oil and ultra matte lacquer. Users may also choose to leave the wood unfinished, presenting a unique look and texture while also showcasing natural wear patterns—reminding us that natural wood is truly a living, breathing entity. Brooklyn-based Madera offers solid hardwood and engineered floors across a broad continuum of architecture and design applications. Their engineered product features a solid-wood-wear layer laminated on top of Birch wood that’s cross-grain stacked and balanced, helping to minimize expansion and shrinkage. Madera’s collection is versatile and eclectic. In addition to narrow and wide-plank floors, they offer Herringbone, Chevron, Basket-Weave, and Versailles styles, as well as custom designs for unusual widths, lengths, or patterns. And the company’s “Collections” each capture the essential feel of a particular locale. “Brooklyn” features Pennsylvania White Oak in incarnations like Gravesend and Fulton Ferry: “full of character or knot-free, it captures all the grit and charm of our exciting city." Farther-flung climes are represented too. “Stockholm” offers the timeless appeal of clean, streamlined European Oak—muted tones and understated textures aptly evocative of Scandinavia’s expansive, still, and beautiful countryside. Madera also ventures into bold, somewhat uncharted territories. The "Colors" line explores the innovative aesthetic options of dyed wood. Known for their resilience and long-life, hardwoods by Armstrong Flooring are equally beautiful and alluring. Species options include Birch, Cherry, Hickory, Maple, Walnut, and White Oak. The Performance Plus line is comprised of 30 different Performance Plus products, each offering the supreme strength and durability of acrylic infusion as well as Armstrong Flooring’s proprietary Lifetime Finish, “powered by aluminum oxide nanoparticles, for an invisible layer of superior scratch protection.” The company's latest, "Diamond 10 Technology," utilizes cultured diamonds in a patent-pending technology to provide superior scratch, stain, and scuff resistance. For more information on hardwood floors, see Junckers, Madera, and Armstrong Flooring.
Posted March 21, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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