Silq by Steelcase

It’s been a while since there’s been big buzz about an office chair—but Silq is changing that. By creating a paradigm shift in how we design, Steelcase has built an adaptive task chair “that behaves more like an organism than a machine.” Taking cues from aerospace, Steelcase went to work on a chair using truly innovatory materials science, first manufacturing the chair out of carbon fiber and later developing a high-performance polymer that delivered the same properties “at a mass market price.” The resulting Silq features sinuous curves and a thin structure. The chair responds to the human body without the need for familiar chair mechanisms—truly changing the landscape of office seating. Silq offers intuitive response: “The way you move is the way it moves.” This smart feature enables Silq to have a less invasive presence. Stylistically, it is sleek and futuristic with hovering arms and a V-shaped base beneath the seat. The upholstery seems to be born of the frame itself and this seamlessness also adds to Silq’s appeal. I like the chair in colorful, smooth upholstery and a white base, but it looks great in quilted and menswear-inspired fabrics as well, especially when paired with a black gloss frame. For more information, visit
Posted March 14, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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