Planner Studio Table Series by Smith System

Look to Smith System for an attractive, versatile tabling system with crossover applications for many educational venues.

The Planner Studio Table series is a workshop-ready worktop whose primary use is for industrial arts—“to meet the demanding needs of your Makerspace, without the pared-down ‘shop-class’ aesthetics.”

The tables are sturdy yet sophisticated. Smith System offers multiple sizes and various finishing options, rendering them ideal not only for industrial use, but also for media centers, active learning spaces, and common areas.

Various features promote collaboration: seated or standing heights, four-inch wheels with locking casters, and choice of worktops in Mission Maple, Pewter Mesh, or Whiteboard laminate. There’s also a small nesting group for individual use or for pairs of two.

The attractive aesthetic options extend to the legsets. Available colors include Apple, Cerulean, Charcoal, Orange or Platinum.

See Smith System for additional information.

Posted March 19, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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