Lovely LED Filament Bulbs by Plumen

Revive the spirit of Edison with manufacturer Plumen and their series of vintage-inspired, highly efficient LED filament bulbs. Designed by Daniel Becker, the WattNott collection realizes the rather illuminating dream of combining energy savings with alluring aesthetics. Willow and Wilma—the latest addition to WattNott—possess an organic-come-steampunk aesthetic, however unlikely bedfellows those two may seem. The crucial element is the tiny LED filament at the bulb’s literal heart, resembling exactly the precious, delicate—yet potent—agglomeration of floral sex organs collectively known as the pistil. The exquisite hand-blown, amber-tinged shade surrounding the light source isn’t bad window dressing either. Willow and Wilma come in a hand-painted gold glass finish. The light emitted thereof is warm and calming, very unlike many LEDs, which are unfortunately occasionally harsh. The dimmable bulbs offer 290/300 Lumens (28 wattage equivalent). See Plumen for further information.
Posted March 15, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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