Edge by Franz Viegener

A graceful, ultra-modern, and sleek faucet, Edge by luxury brand Franz Viegener revels in architectural form. Available with “flat, fin-like arched handles” or cross handles, Edge looks good from any angle. Precision-designed by Franz Viegener, which is based in Buenos Aires, Edge is a perfect example of “modern engineering genius.” The rounded arc is tempered by the masculine sharpness of the faucet’s corners. Seen up close, Edge shows off its super clean lines. It’s a futuristic version of Art Deco style—sexy, linear, and graceful. Edge is available in Polished or Brushed Nickel, and Polished Chrome. For those who want unapologetically sybaritic style, Edge also comes in Rose Gold, Polished Gold, and Brushed Gold. Find out how South American style combines with German engineering at www.franzviegener.us.
Posted March 21, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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