Burrow Sofa by Burrow

Bring on the flat-pack sofas with Burrow, a supportive, good-looking, locally made sofa with built-in USB, modularity, and flippability (more on that later). With a durable pinewood frame sourced in the US and supportive yet comfy cushions, Burrow invites you to take a seat and hang out. By manufacturing in the US as well, Burrow greatly reduces any shipping-related carbon footprint. Easy to assemble, the Burrow Sofa has some unexpected benefits as well. Its stain-resistant fabrics clean easily and hold up to the company’s doggie scratch test. A hidden USB port charges your devices. And the Burrow Sofa can get bigger or smaller, so you can keep it when you move. The aforementioned flibbability relates to the cushions, each of which can be flipped to change the look of the couch. Tufted on one side and smooth on the other, the cushions let you decide. For more information, visit www.burrow.com.
Posted March 5, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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