Amiata Bathtub from Victoria + Albert

Victoria + Albert’s Amiata Freestanding Bathtub is an iconic centerpiece for any luxury bath. Synthesizing organic shapes with slim, modern styling, Amiata “moulds to the curves of the body, providing a comfortable and luxurious experience.” Amiata is the brainchild of Milan’s Meneghello Paolelli Associati. The design atelier wished to create a tub that recalled the Etruscan region of central Italy, an area with a tradition of luxury bathing; hence, “Amiata,” the name of a local extinct volcano, which also recalls the raw volcanic limestone material used for the tub. Amiata features both convex and concave shapes, providing comforting contours for the body, as well as creating a compelling interplay of light and shadow. Just so, the unique chamfered edge harnesses ambient illumination in all sorts of interesting ways, in addition to providing textural appeal. Victoria + Albert offers Amiata in a variety of color finishes. An accompanying vessel basin, Amiata 60, is available as well. See Victoria + Albert for further information.
Posted March 3, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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