Tim Rundle Collection by SP01

Australian brand SP01, known for its “visual lightness” and geometric shapes, is introducing an indoor collection created in collaboration with London-based designer Tim Rundle.

Taking stylistic cues from pre-WWII Art Deco and Modernist architecture found “in and around Sydney,” where SP01 is based, the Tim Rundle Collection mixes resplendent metals with luxe materials.

Besides occasional tables and mirrors, the collection includes two standout lounge chairs—Caristo and Shu-Ying.

Available in High and Low Back versions, Caristo borrows from the traditional wingback chair, then adds a little glamour and retro styling to create “an incredibly versatile piece that blends crisp lines with modern comfort.”

Perhaps because I’m originally from Miami, I have a deep appreciation for Art Deco—and I’m relieved to see the elegance of the period resurfacing. Such is the case with Caristo in sumptuous green velvet and metallic lacquered brass legs.

If you desire a more compact armchair, then Shu-Ying is ideal. Its exposed tubes literally frame the chair, emphasizing its curvy form. With softly gathered upholstery and a petite scale, Shu-Ying recalls the roaring 1920s without losing its contemporary edge.

Given its historical nod and modern simplicity, the Tim Rundle Collection can go anywhere—from Sydney to Shanghai, and Miami to Milan. It works particularly well in hospitality settings, where the broad range of upholstery choices and finishes makes the pieces fit in surprisingly distinctive settings.

For more information, visit www.sp01design.com.

Posted February 13, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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