Lovely Light for the Home: Soraa Radiant LEDs

You may not have heard of Freemont, California-based lighting manufacturer Soraa, but you’ve doubtless witnessed the company’s brand of full-spectrum LED lamping technology—“providing unparalleled color rendering ability because the LED light is based in the violet spectrum instead of the industry’s blue.”

The Nobel Prize-winning technology has found Soraa a home in many of the world’s top museums, galleries, retail venues, and hotels: locations that demand precise color rendering, creating a consequent vibrance and natural feel.

Soraa bulbs offer true full-spectrum color. This means that the new Radiant LED bulbs, created specifically for home environments, fill the red- and white-spectrum color gaps—a common shortcoming among other LEDs.

Soraa Radiant bulbs create light with an R9 (Red) value of 95% and an RW (white) value of 100%, a far cry from the respective numbers of 10% and 0% found with most standard LEDs.

The upshot is a heretofore-unknown rendering of vivid, distinct color: “Food pops, art looks perfect and your home feels alive.”

Soraa Radiant bulbs are dimmable and buzz-free. A variety of fixture configurations are available. See Soraa to find out more.

Posted February 9, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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