Loft Modular Seating by B&T Design

B&T Design’s Loft Modular Seating System is surely named for the its slim silhouette and the lightness of its overall aspect. Indeed, its appearance is such that it looks as if it could just float away on thin air, lofting itself like the proverbial bird’s feather. Tailor-made for office waiting areas and breakout spaces, Loft facilitates creative collaboration and/or back-turned privacy, as the user desires. A convenient ganging mechanism facilitates quick switch-ups. And the components are many and varied: single seats, single poufs, double seats, double seats with one back and pouf, triple backs, square side tables, round side tables, etcetera and so forth… Loft is also inherently durable. All pieces are constructed of polyurethane foam injection moulded over steel springs and an internal metal frame. Other options include choice of upholstery in natural leather, artificial leather, and a variety of fabrics. Legs may be specified in a range of powder-coated colors. See B&T Design for further information.
Posted February 7, 2018 by Stoyan Ilchev

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