Brighten Things Up with Knoll’s Bonjour Collection

When Knoll speaks, we listen, and so should you if you want to have your finger on the pulse of design.This month, the prominent manufacturer is saying Spring, with the Bonjour Collection: seven arresting new textile patterns that “reimagine hospitality with timeless, versatile designs.” The seven new designs each have singular appeal, but for my money, the standouts are Arrondissement, Bon Nuit, Oh La La, and Woodland. Named for the particularly French categorization of Parisian neighborhoods, Arrondissement is truly intoxicating, a vivid zig-zag pattern against a solid background, evoking the serpentine lines of a subway map. Bon Nuit is similarly compelling. Available in various shades of triple pass blackout drapery fabric, Bon Nuit “assures a peaceful night’s rest.” Oh La La continues the theme with 14 different colors—each of these velvety fabrics appropriate for any Parisian cabaret. Woodland detours from the city and into the forests. A soft chenille with an organic print, Woodland is a high-performance, bleach-cleanable fabric right for a variety of venues. These Tantalizing Knoll textiles look good on just about anything, but especially so on one of our favorite pieces we profiled last year—Hightower’s Nest Easy Lounge Chair. Adorned in Bon Jour’s Woodland and Seurat, the comfy, ergonomic easy chair enters newly enticing aesthetic terrain. Read more at Knoll and Hightower.
Posted February 13, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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