At KBIS 2018: Electric Marble by Sicis

For anyone daring enough to choose a marble surface with glowing metallic veins, Electric Marble by Sicis is the answer. A standout at KBIS 2018, Electric Marble comes in Fuxia, Gold, and Turchese. Made of Vetrite, a composite material exclusive to Sicis, Electric Marble resembles traditional marble in its sheen and elegance but adds “a particular neon effect to create something unique, unpredictable, and revolutionary.” Slabs are available in multiple sizes, including a big format of 54 3/8 x 114 1/8 inches. This great size means Electric Marble can be used for large kitchen counters or dramatic vertical applications. I imagine a powder room in an Art Deco house in Miami, all the walls covered in Electric Marble Fuxia, glowing unexpectedly at all hours. Or luxurious vanities in Electric Marble Gold, hidden within a New Orleans mansion haunted by decadent ghosts. The Turchese belongs in a coastal town in Greece, where the electrifying blue matches the water inside secret grottos. For more information, visit
Posted February 6, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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