Vonn’s Versatile Capella Collection

Lighting manufacturer Vonn has big ideas and even better execution. Very invested in the energy savings and aesthetic advantages of LEDs, the company presents Capella—“the brightest star in the Auriga constellation, a unique celestial body sharing the same spectral colors of our sun.” Capella comes in many incarnations with multiple features and options: there are flush-mounted floral forms; floating rings in vertical or horizontal orientation; chandelier styles that synthesize modern and classic sensibilities; and a drooping, swooping model that evokes a sea creature plumbing the unfathomable depths. All of these share a clever, intricate placement of the lightsource: a seamless on-board LED diode array creates visual and textural interest, attracting the eye to its intriguing continuity while evoking the shimmering sun that is its namesake. Many of Capella’s offerings are WiFi enabled and tunable, facilitating control of the fixture’s many features from anywhere in the world with a minimum 3G connection. Aforementioned features include dimming, color temperature, and independent adjustment of distinct LED strips on the same fixture. Multiple finishes and color options are available as well. For further explorations, contact Vonn.
Posted January 11, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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