Steelcase Series 1 by Steelcase

Somebody needs to keep me away from Steelcase task chairs because every time there’s a new model, I want it. I’m not fickle—it’s just that Steelcase puts a lot of research into how we sit and how we move. Which is why I am now dreaming of the Steelcase Series 1.

Let’s start with comfort, which is vital to working happily, whether at school or elsewhere. The integrated LiveBack technology, adaptive bolstering, and 4D adjustable arms allow users to sit and move with ease, reducing stress on the body and mind.

That’s all wonderful and certainly enough to get me interested, but let’s talk about style. Steelcase Series 1 offers mix-and-match knit, flexor, and lumbar colors and a wide range of shell and finish options. It can be sophisticated and stately or bold and whimsical. Series 1 offers so much more than gray and black (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

Options include a headrest, which changes the look without making Steelcase Series 1 overly serious. It comes without arms for tight spaces like conference rooms and classrooms. You can get it in a stool version for people who like to work at drafting, lab, or sit-stand tables. Steelcase Series 1 can even be equipped with a nifty coat hanger.

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Posted January 8, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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