Solar-Powered Furniture by Metsolar

It’s taking time to get solar panels to get minimal and stylish, but Lithuanian-based Metsolar has streamlined its solar solutions to integrate well-designed panels into outdoor furniture.

The company’s custom creations include a Solar-Powered Multifunctional Bench and a 100% Autonomous Out-sider Solar-Powered Table for Social Interaction. The bench integrates strong, rigid, all-black glass solar panels that serve as the seating surface and provide power for plugged-in devices. Waterproof and durable, Metsolar’s bench is built to survive “long exposure to humid and rainy weather conditions.”

In collaboration with Denmark’s furniture manufacturing company Out-sider, Metsolar devised a solar-powered table “for social interaction” that was developed as a power source for the Roskilde festival in Denmark. The solar table seamlessly integrates battery, USB charging, and Wifi into its sleek solar panel. For more information, go to

Posted January 12, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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