Plyboo Fractal Wall Panels from Smith & Fong

For those of us who aren’t budding mathematicians, the term “fractal” denotes common shapes of varied sizes, all of which have identical proportions—“exhibiting similar patterns at increasingly small scales.”

Plyboo’s Bamboo Fractal Wall Panels exemplify this fusion of geometrical sameness and difference: the collection has an intriguing texture and hypnotic allure.

The panels are constructed of Plyboo RealCore bamboo, a self-sustaining, 100% FSC-certified product that’s environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and energy efficient.

Users may explore the manifold aesthetic options via Plyboo’s Fractool, an online design interface enabling virtual customization and creation utilizing any of the panels’ five colors (Amber, Fog, Noir, Mist, and Greige Noir).

Check out Plyboo for further information. And have a look at the design gallery for images and ideas.

Posted January 5, 2018 by Stoyan Ilchev

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