Patcraft Subtractive Layers Collection

Manufacturer Patcraft presents a new wrinkle in dryback resilient LVT flooring. Designed by artist Kelly Stewart, the Subtractive Layers Collection transforms original acrylic paintings into durable and compelling 12” and 24” tiles. In the original paintings, Stewart laid on thick paint and then created intriguing striations by passing a broken comb across the surface—"a simple stroke created a beautiful, rich texture and removed the paint, letting the canvas shine through, while also creating peaks and valleys that added depth, shadows and highlights.” This process of subtraction is the origin of “Remove” and “Withdraw,” the two designs offered by Patcraft in 20 distinct colorways. All tiles feature a long-lived 20-mil wear layer. They are easy to install and clean and are appropriate for a wide range of high-use venues. For additional information, contact Patcraft.
Posted January 16, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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