Emagispace Modular Wall Solution

Emagispace is a modular solution for constructing theaters, art galleries, retail, studios, office cubicles, and sets—any type of wall that may be disassembled or altered in the future.

The walls are comprised of interlocking blocks made of ABS plastic with an MDF skin. Using a simple drill, anyone can assemble a full-height wall in minutes.

Emagispace packs a powerful eco-friendly punch: the MDF is constructed of reclaimed waste from wood chips, sawdust, recycled newspaper, and boxes. The system also offers significant resource conservation; time-saved in assembly; and ease of reconfiguration, storage, and transport.

And it’s easy to beautify these walls. Multiple cladding options are available—everything from vinyl panels to wood laminate, metal, glass, and drywall.

The walls also incorporate channeling, accommodating piping, electrical wires, and insulation for more permanent installations.

To find out more, see Emagispace.

Posted January 19, 2018 by Joseph Starr

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