Eli by izzy+

In 2010 I requested a sit-stand desk—and you would have thought I was asking for an intergalactic spaceship. A few years later the height-adjustable desk is approaching the new normal. Eli by izzy+ is bringing it to the classroom. This makes the most sense of all, because students don’t come in one size. In fact, children grow not just from year to year but during every school year, making the sit-stand desk a no-brainer. And when it works and looks like Eli, then all educational venues should be adopting the height-adjustable desk. With a clean design, minimal legs, various shapes and colors, and laminate, veneer, or markerboard surfaces, Eli offers a clean slate. The adjustment mechanism is easy as ABC, so “there’s no need to commit to a single position for too long.” Which is the other obvious reason to equip classrooms with height-adjustable desks like Eli. Students like to move—and they should! Research shows that shifting can increase energy and ignite creativity. Options include integrated and clamp-on power, up/down and touch-screen adjustment, and universal-mount screens. For more information on Eli, visit www.izzyplus.com.
Posted January 29, 2018 by Alicita Rodriguez

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