The Many Faces of Studio Shed

Colorado-based Studio Shed provides backyard additions for less cost—and considerably less hassle—than traditional remodels or expansions. These pre-fabricated backyard spaces have vast potential: from the familiar storage of lawnmowers and tools to guestrooms and other detached living space additions.

Four customizable collections are available. The Signature Series is the original design, customized, pre-fabricated, and shipped to your door.

The Portland Series features a diminutive living space with a gable roof and multiple aesthetic options and layouts.

The Summit Series offers a large space for a guesthouse, work studio, or the ultimate garage.

Lastly, Studio Shed Essentials offers familiar backyard storage with a streamlined and modern exterior.

Studio Shed is committed to green building practices. In addition to utilizing FSC-certified lumber, recycled metal, denim insulation, and cork flooring, Studio Shed maximizes resource use: materials are recycled, clean wood waste is composted, and electricity is produced from sustainable resources.

Additionally, the structures are energy efficient. Green features include pre-painted, low-maintenance cement siding; double-pane, high-efficiency glass; pre-trussed, high-load roof systems; and interior-recessed LED lighting fixtures.

Free shipping is available for a limited time. Contact Studio Shed to find out more.

Posted December 8, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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