Lush by Karim Rashid for Carpet Sign

Karim Rashid has always insisted that the future is now—and that design should start responding to that. Known for his biomorphic shapes, Rashid has teamed up with Dutch company Carpet Sign to offer Lush, a collection of area rugs characterized by gradient color and techno-inspired iconography.

Created as “echoes of the present,” the carpets in Lush offer geometric and curvaceous shapes in concert with undulating lines and playful color. They are a millennial version of Op art.

From the blobular Supernova, with its rhythmic curves, to the rhombic Krest, with its strict linearity, rugs in the Lush collection read like modern-day pictograms.

Colors include playful pinks, vibrant yellows, grassy greens, vivid blues, and galactic blacks.

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Posted December 19, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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