Designed by David Trubridge for IQ Commercial and distributed in the U.S. by Wakanine, Hush is a clever synthesis of targeted lighting and acoustical sound dampening. Made of overlapping absorbent synthetic felt panels, Hush is a testament to form following function—the inspired aesthetic emerges from the sound-absorbing properties of the polyester fibers. The weave pattern not only enhances the dampening properties, it enables easy assembly with a minimum of fasteners; thus, Hush can be shipped in an economical kitset form and put together on site. Additionally, the fabric is comprised of 65% post-consumer recycled material. It is non-toxic, non-irritant, non-allergic, and fire-rated. Different shapes and sizes are available: oval, round, and mini in a choice of 12 vibrant colors. Lamping options include integrated LEDs and E26 bulbs. See Wakanine for further details.
Posted December 22, 2017 by Stoyan Ilchev

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